Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trip to Tejas



Gabe, not so happy, but we are all in the picture!

We lost our minds!

Okay, So I stole this pic from the Sandberg's blog, but I had to post it! We spent the night with the Sandbergs, yes, our good friends with TWINS and a 2 yr old also. We had so much fun and it was really wonderful to see another family dealing with the same issues we are. Our kids have brought us together in a way that nothing but a life altering blessing can. We are so fortunate to know them and call them friends!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Family

The girls are changing more every day! Thanks to a whole lot of wonderful people who volunteered to help out with the babies, today is my first day alone!!! I've been so spoiled! Also, Lance's parents were so wonderful to take Gabe home with them for this week so I could "transition" a little bit easier! It's going to be a very interesting week! As glad as I am to only have 2 kids instead of three right now, I miss Gabe terribly already! Funny how that works for parents! Here are some pics of the girls and Gabe, I can't believe they are already 9 weeks old!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Pics

Donna, these are for you! The girls got weighed yesterday and Ruby has passed Julia at 8lbs 5oz and Julia is at 8lbs 2oz. They are getting big! They have been doing well at night until last night which was horrible! Hopefully they will get back on schedule tonight, I'm a zombie today!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Growing Girls

The girls had their first pediatritian appointment last friday and Julia has gained up to 5lbs 15 oz and Ruby is up to 5lbs 11 oz! They are doing great and we couldn't ask for better babies! Sorry for not posting any new pictures until now, but here are some on the blog and I've added some to our Picasa link as well.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We are ALL home!

The girls got to come home today! They are doing well and staying pretty close to their 4 hour feeding schedule. Many thanks to all our visitors and for the encouraging words from everyone. I've updated more pictures on the link I posted earlier. Gabe finally got to meet his sisters and is so excited, but also really confused. It will take a while for him to adjust but he is really sweet to them.
Congratulations to our good friends, Carl and Emily Sandberg! Their twins were born May 28th and Reed is getting to come home today as well! We are praying for Ryan to go home soon as well!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday, June 29th

Quick update on the girls: Ruby is down to 4 lb 9 oz and Julia is at 5 lbs. Both weights are fine, as most babies lose some weight after they are born. They are feeding better more and more every day and they are both maintaining their temperature very well. Really the only thing holding them back from going home is that they need to gain just a bit more weight. The neonatologist told us that they probably will be ready to go home in couple of days! That puts them home around Tuesday or Wednesday if they maintain their progress. We are so ready to take them home!!! We are so thankful they have done well. Here are some newer pics of them, enjoy!

What a nut.

What a nut.

Daddy's girls

Daddy's girls